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JG ERGO Consulting, LLC

Jennifer Graham PT, CEAS 

 Individual Ergonomic Assessments

"Ergo Break" Instruction 

Individualized Stretching & Strengthening Programs 

Ergonomic Services:  $250+/hour

for Office Evaluations

Hospital, Industry, Manufacturing price upon request 

Additional fees may apply if travel time>15 minutes 

During your Ergonomic Assessment we will discuss the positive and challenging aspects of your work station. We will look at how your equipment supports you.  
We will make specific changes that will improve your alignment, decrease the strain on you muscles and joints, & decrease your discomfort and fatigue. The goal is to help you be more comfortable, prevent injuries, improve productivity and allow you to save your energy for the activities that you love to do after work!

Employee Wellness Programs

Leadership Training


Group Assessments 

Price Upon Request 

Employers who Schedule Multiple Assessments in Office: Receive 10% discount 

These services can be tailored to meet the needs of the Employer & the Employee. We will work with you to provide a valuable program that reduces the risk of injury for your employees and improves productivity!

Payment is due at time of session.
Cancellation Policy: Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice and 'no shows' will be charged the full session fee.

Rates: Rates
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