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Ergonomic Assessments, Adjustments & Coaching for your Computer Work Station

During an Ergonomic Assessment we will analyze your work station to eliminate known hazards and minimize risks that contribute to discomfort and injuries over time. We will help you adjust the equipment that you currently have in place & find alternatives that meet your needs and price point if necessary.

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Workplace Wellness Programs, Leadership Training, Webinars, In-Person Educational Sessions

Employers benefit from providing Ergonomic Programs for their Employees because it is in their best interest to help their employees decrease discomfort, avoid injuries and improve their productivity! Employees understand that they are valued when programs that improve their physical and mental well- being are provided by their employers!

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Highly Specialized Ergonomic Services for Healthcare Professionals

Surgeons, Surgical Teams, Physicians, Interventionalists, Dental Professionals, Nurses, and other Health Care Providers. 
The physical challenges for health care providers are significant. Some of the discomfort and injuries absolutely can be prevented.  Ergonomic programs and preventative measures for health care providers are not always considered or implemented. Many who experience discomfort, pain and injury while working do not seek treatment. Health Care Professionals dedicate their careers to taking care of others. Preventative programs to insure their wellbeing are critical.

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Wellness Programs: Specific Individualized Stretching & Strengthening Programs

While you are working in the same positions for hours at work, you may be developing specific areas of tightness and specific areas of weakness that can contribute to injury. An exercise program specifically designed to reverse these muscle imbalances can help keep you from developing pain or injury.


Physical Therapy Services
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Please visit for more information about Physical Therapy Services! Or call 617-970-2193 for an Evaluation.

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